Square dance schedule is subject to change, we encourage you to check the website for updates. Here you can download the 2017 MDT Brochure.


January 6th: Henderson
January 7th: Helvetia
January 13th: Elkins, Henderson
January 14th: Morgantown
January 20th: Henderson
January 3,10,17,24 & 31: Weston

February 3rd: Henderson
February 4th: Dunmore, Helvetia
February 10th: Elkins, Henderson
February 11th: Morgantown
February 17th: Henderson
February 18th: Highland County Square Dance -Highland County School Cafeteria
February 25th: Helvetia-Fasnacht, Morgantown-Worley Gardner
February 7,14,21 & 28: Weston

March 3rd: Elkins, Henderson
March 4th: Dunmore, Helvetia
March 10th: Henderson
March 11th: Morgantown
March 17th: Ireland – Irish Spring Festival & Henderson
March 7,14,21 & 28: Weston

April 1st: Helvetia
April 7th: Henderson
April 8th: Dunmore, Morgantown
April 14th: Elkins, Henderson
April 21st: Henderson
April 22nd: Sutton – Melvin Wine Memorial Celebration
April 29th: Helvetia-Ramp Supper
April 4,11,18,25: Weston

May 5th: Henderson
May 6th: Helvetia
May 12th: Elkins, Henderson
May 13th: Morgantown
May 19th: Henderson
May 26: Thomas- Art Spring
May 27th: Charleston – Vandalia Gathering
May 28th: Charleston – Vandalia Gathering
May 2,9,16,23 & 30: Weston

June 2nd: Henderson
June 3rd: Helvetia
June 9th: Henderson
June 15-17th: Glenville – West Virginia State Folk Festival
June 16th: Henderson
June 20th: Weston


July 7th: Henderson
July 8th: Monterey – Lions Club Dance
July 9 – 14th: Elkins – Augusta: Classic Country & Cajun Week
July 14th: Henderson
July 18th: Weston
July 16 – 21st: Elkins – Augusta:Blues & Swing Week
July 21st: Monterey – Highland County Old-Time Fiddlers’ Convention, Henderson
July 22nd: Monterey – Highland County Old-Time Fiddlers’ Convention
July 30th – August 4th: Elkins -Augusta: Bluegrass Week

August 4th: Henderson, Weston
August 5th: Helvetia
August 6 – 11th: Elkins -Augusta: Old-Time & Vocal Week
August 11th: Henderson
August 12th: Elkins- Augusta  Festival
August 15th: Weston
August 18th: Henderson
August 19th: Dunmore Daze
August 26th: Monterey – Highland County Fair

September 1st: Thomas, Weston – Jackson Mill Jubilee, Henderson14702057068_1c04af1d7d_o
September 2nd: Helvetia
September 8th: Elkins, Henderson
September 9th: Morgantown, Helvetia – Fair
September 15th: Franklin – Treasure Mountain Festival, Henderson
September 16th: Franklin – Treasure Mountain Festival, Marlinton – Music in the Mountains
September 5,12,19 & 26: Weston

October 6th: Henderson
October 7th: Helvetia
October 13th: Henderson
October 14th: Morgantown
October 20th: Elkins – Augusta Fiddlers’ Reunion, Henderson
October 3,10,17 & 24: Weston

November 3rd: Henderson
November 4th: Dunmore, Helvetia
November 10th: Elkins, Henderson
November 11th: Morgantown
November 17th: Henderson
November 7,14,21,28th: Weston

December 1st: Henderson
December 2nd: Helvetia – Feast of St. Nicholas
December 8th: Elkins, Henderson
December 9th: Morgantown
December 5,12 & 19: Weston